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Title Year Authors Category Conservation Measure
Mercury exposure through fish consumption in traditional communities in the Brazilian Northern amazon 2020 Hacon, S. D. S. Peer-reviewed journal article
Assessing the impact of large barrages on habitat of the Ganga river dolphin. 2020 Sonkar, G. K. Peer-reviewed journal article Water management
Plan de Acción para la Conservación del Bufeo (Inia boliviensis) 2020-2025 2020 Ministterio de Medio Ambiente y Agua Conservation Plan Conservation Action Plan
Electrofishing as a potential threat to freshwater cetaceans 2019 Thomas, P. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Monitoring and assessment of heavy metal contamination in surface water and sediment of the Old Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh. 2019 Bhuyan, M.S Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Platanista gangetica, South Asian River Dolphin 2019 Braulik, G. Peer-reviewed journal article Regional/ International collaboration
Sand and Sustainability: Finding new solutions for environemental governance of global sand resources 2019 UNEP Report, NGO Water management
Platanista gangetica. Amended version 2019 Braulik, G. Peer-reviewed journal article Species knowledge and understanding
Development of Conservation Action Plan for Ganges River Dolphin, Part II 2019 Qureshi, Q. Report, Government Conservation Action Plan
Bycatch ingillnet fisheries threatens CriticallyEndangeredsmall cetaceansand other aquaticmegafauna 2019 Brownell Jr. R.L. Peer-reviewed journal article Fisheries management
The endangered Ganges river dolphins in Nepal: small and declining population. 2019 Paudel, S. Conference proceedings Conservation Action Plan
Quality Unknown : The Invisible Water Crisis. Washington, DC: World Bank. 2019 Damania, R Report, Government Water management
The endangered Ganges river dolphin heads towards local extinction in the Barak river system of Assam, India: A plea for conservation 2019 Choudhary, N. B. Peer-reviewed journal article Species knowledge and understanding
Sediment Manual for Stakeholders. Output 6.2 of the Interreg Danube Trans-national Project Danube Sediment co-funded by the European Commission, Vienna. 2019 Habersack H. Manual Regional/ International collaboration
Interacting effects of vessel noise and shallow river depth elevate metabolic stress in Ganges river dolphins 2019 Dey, M. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Mapping the world’s free-flowing rivers 2019 Grill, G. Peer-reviewed journal article Freeflowing rivers/ environmental flows
Atlas on Ganges River Dolphin and Irrawaddy Dolphin Of Bangladesh 2019 Aziz, M. A. Report, Government Species knowledge and understanding
Technical mitigation to reduce marine mammal bycatch and entanglement in commercial fishing gear: lessons learnt and future directions 2019 Hamilton, S. Peer-reviewed journal article Acoustic deterrents/Pingers
Whole mitochondrial genome Sequencing and analysis of Platanista gangetica. PhD thesis 2019 Jadhav, C. S. Thesis Species knowledge and understanding
Platanista gangetica (amended version of 2017 assessment) 2019 Braulik, G. Peer-reviewed journal article Species knowledge and understanding