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Title Year Authors Category Conservation Measure
Freshwater small cetaceans in Asia – current situation and role of a potential IWC Conservation Management Plan 2020 Khan U. Conference proceedings Conservation Action Plan
Factors affecting the persistence of endangered Ganges river dolphins (Platanista gangetica gangetica) 2020 Paudel S. Peer-reviewed journal article Multiple conservation measures
Seasonal flow dynamics exacerbate overlap between artisanal fisheries and imperiled Ganges River dolphins 2020 Paudel S. Peer-reviewed journal article Fisheries management
Bridging the gap between researchers, conservation planners, and decision makers to improve species conservation decision-making 2020 Ferraz, K. M. P. M. de B. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
CMP Nomination of a Conservation Management Plan for Amazon, Orinoco and Tocantins-Araguaia river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis, Inia boliviensis, Inia araguaiaensis and Sotalia fluviatilis) 2020 IWC Conservation Plan Regional/ International collaboration
Amazonian river dolphin density estimates in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve 2017-2019 2020 Marmontel, M. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Radio tracking of the Yangtze finless porpoise 2020 Würsig, B. Popular article Research and monitoring
A DPSIR Assessment on Ecosystem Services Challenges in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: Coping with the Impacts of Sand Mining 2020 Sekar, N.A. Peer-reviewed journal article
In-stream habitat availability for river dolphins in response to flow: use of ecological integrity to manage river flows 2020 Paudel, S. Peer-reviewed journal article Freeflowing rivers/ environmental flows
Passive acoustic monitoring of the distribution patterns of Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) in the middle reaches of the Ayeyarwady River, Myanmar. 2020 Wang, Z. T. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Ecological responses to flow variation inform river dolphin conservation 2020 Paudel, S. Peer-reviewed journal article Freeflowing rivers/ environmental flows
Bankable Nature Solutions Blueprints for Bankable Nature Solutions from across the globe to adapt to and mitigate climate change and to help our living planet thrive 2020 WWF Report, NGO Freeflowing rivers/ environmental flows
Mercury exposure through fish consumption in traditional communities in the Brazilian Northern Amazon. 2020 De Sousa Hacon, S. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
An integrative approach to identify the impacts of multiple metal contamination sources on the Eastern Andean foothills of the Ecuadorian Amazonia 2020 Capparelli, M.G. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Draft EIA Notification 2020-Dilutes EIA process & encourages violations 2020 Pradhan, A. Report, NGO Water management
Best practices observed in the past Dolphin Conservation Project called ‘Expanding the Protected Area System to Incorporate Important Aquatic Ecosystems(EPASIIAEP) Project in Bangladesh (2017‐2020) 2020 UNDP Report, Government Conservation Action Plan
Gangetic dolphin deaths in 2020 2020 Rawat, Bhim Singh Report, NGO Patrols/ law enforcement
Paint it black: Efficacy of increased wind turbine rotor blade visibility to reduce avian fatalities 2020 May, R. Peer-reviewed journal article Conservation Action Plan
What’s in the Net? Using camera technology to monitor, and support mitigation of, wildlife bycatch in fisheries. 2020 Course, G.P. Report, NGO Fisheries management
Living Yangtze Report summary 2020 WWF Report, NGO Research and monitoring