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Title Year Authors Category Conservation Measure
Conservation of Indus River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor) in the Indus River system, Pakistan: an overview. 2012 Waqas, U. Peer-reviewed journal article
Effects of the grain-for-green programme on soil erosion in China 2012 Deng, L. Peer-reviewed journal article Water management
Protected areas and local communities: an inevitable partnership toward successful conservation strategies? 2012 Andrade, G. S. M Peer-reviewed journal article Community management
A grave danger for the GRD in the Subansiri river due to a large hydroelectric project 2012 Baruah, D. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Trading-off fish biodiversity, food security, and hydropower in the Mekong River basin. 2012 Ziv G. Peer-reviewed journal article
Ecological factors influencing group sizes of river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatilis) 2011 Gomez-Salazar, C. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Studies on river health of the subansiri with special reference to Dolphin, Platanista gangetica gangetica: A pre dam investigation of Lower Subansiri hydroelectric project 2011 Hazarika, L. P. Thesis Freeflowing rivers/ environmental flows
The Amazon River system as an ecological barrier driving genetic differentiation of the pink dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) 2011 Hollatz, C. Peer-reviewed journal article Species knowledge and understanding
Hidroeléctricas en la Amazonia 2011 Dourojeanni, M. Website Research and monitoring
Irrawaddy dolphin demography in the Mekong River: an application of mark-resight models 2011 Ryan, G. E. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Integrating animal behavior and conservation biology: a conceptual framework 2011 Berger-Tal, O. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Assesment of minimum water flow requirements of Chambal river in the context of Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) and Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica) conservation 2011 WII Report, Government
Long-term effectiveness, failure rates, and “dinner bell” properties of acoustic pingers in a gillnet fishery. 2011 Carrette James Peer-reviewed journal article Acoustic deterrents/Pingers
Extractive and Sustainable Development Reserves in Brazil: resilient alternatives to fisheries? 2011 Lopes, P. F. Peer-reviewed journal article Fisheries management
Rapidly shifting baselines in Yangtze fishing communities and local memory of extinct species 2010 Turvey, S. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Spatial and temporal extinction dynamics in a freshwater cetacean 2010 Turvey, S. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
The action plan for South American river dolphins, 2010-2020. Status, threats, conservation initiatives and possible solutions for Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatilis in Brazil 2010 da Silva, VMF Conservation Plan Conservation Action Plan
The action plan for South American River Dolphins 2010-2020 2010 Trujillo, F Conservation Plan Conservation Action Plan
International cooperation on the river Rhine 2010 Hofstra, M Popular article Regional/ International collaboration
Effectiveness monitoring of fish passage facilities: historical trends, geographic patterns and future directions 2010 Roscoe, D.W. Peer-reviewed journal article Fish ladders