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Title Year Authors Category Conservation Measure
World Large Rivers Initiative (WLRI) Report 2018 Habersack, H. Report, NGO Regional/ International collaboration
Using citizen science data in integrated population models to inform conservation 2018 Robinson, O Peer-reviewed journal article
Environmental flows and water reserves: Principles, strategies, and contributions to water and conservation policies in Mexico 2018 Salinas‐Rodríguez, S.A Peer-reviewed journal article Freeflowing rivers/ environmental flows
Conservation Assured; CATS Manual Version 2 2018 WWF Manual Protected Areas
Achieving Water Stewardship in the Büyük Menderes basin 2018 Yıldırım Özata, Z. D Conference proceedings Water management
Abundance estimation 2018 Buckland, S. T. Book Chapter Research and monitoring
Both cetaceans in the Brazilian Amazon show sustained, profound population declines over two decades 2018 da Silva, V. M. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Acoustic ecology of dolphins of the genus Sotalia (Cetartiodactyla, Delphinidae) and of the newly described Araguaian boto Inia araguaiaensis (Cetartiodactyla, Iniidae) 2018 Melo-Santos, G. Thesis Research and monitoring
Strandings 2018 Moore, K. M. Book Chapter Research and monitoring
Spatio-temporal characterization of pinniped strandings and human interaction cases in the Pacific Northwest, 1989–2016 2018 Warlick, A. J. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Movements and habitat use of river dolphins (cetartiodactyla: iniidae) in the amazon and orinoco river basins, determined from satellite tagging 2018 Mosquera-Guerra, F. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Population Structure of Riverine and Coastal Dolphins Sotalia fluviatilis and Sotalia guianensis: Patterns of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Diversity and Implications for Conservation. 2018 Caballero, S Peer-reviewed journal article Multiple conservation measures
National Inland Waterways in Bihar: A Profile 2018 Verma, A Popular article Water management
Mid-term Review Report: Expanding the Protected Area System to Incorporate Important Aquatic Ecosystems Project (DOLPHIN – EPASIIAE) 2018 Ragusa, G. Popular article Protected Areas
CA|TS Manual – Conservation Assured Tiger Standards: A Multifunctional Protected Area Management Tool to Aid Implementation of International Conventions, Multilateral Treaties, Global Initiatives & National Action. 2018 Conservation Assured Manual Protected Areas
Analysis of distribution of river dolphins (Inia and Sotalia) in protected and transformed areas in the Amazon and Orinoco basins 2018 Mosquera-Guerra Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring
Presence of mercury in river dolphins (Inia and Sotalia) in the Amazon and Orinoco basins: evidence of a growing threat for these species. 2018 Mosquera-Guerra, F. Conference proceedings Research and monitoring
Riverine Ecosystem Management: Science for Governing Towards a Sustainable Future. 2018 Schmutz, S. Book Chapter Research and monitoring
The Possible Effects of High Vessel Traffic on the Physiological Parameters of the Critically Endangered Yangtze Finless Porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis ssp. asiaeorientalis) 2018 Nabi G Peer-reviewed journal article Species knowledge and understanding
Predicting global killer whale population collapse from PCB pollution 2018 Desforges, J. P. Peer-reviewed journal article Research and monitoring