National action plan for the conservation of aquatic mammals in Colombia 2022-2035


Trujillo, F.

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Caicedo, D., Diazgranados, M.C. & I.C. Avila



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In: Avello-Castiblanco, G.C., González-Delgadillo, A.M., Quintero-Gil, J.A. (Eds.) Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible, Bogotá, DC. Colombia. 96p. ISBN: 978-958-5551-82-4.

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Book Chapter


Amazon river dolphin, Tucuxi, Amazon river dolphin and Tucuxi

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Conservation Action Plan

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All threats reviewed


The Colombian Species action plan proposes strategies and concrete actions for the preservation, recovery, sustainable use and knowledge of the populations of aquatic mammals that inhabit the marine and continental waters of Colombia (South America) in relation to the main threats identified in the national territory. We have structured it around five strategic lines and each of them brings together the lines of action adapted to the needs identified during the construction of this document: (i) research and monitoring; (ii) sustainable management; (iii) information and disclosure; (iv) education, training and participation, and v) a last strategic line focused on political regulations and institutional strengthening.