How effective are tiger conservation areas at managing their sites against the conservation assured | tiger standards (CA|TS)


Dudley, N

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Stolton S.; Pasha M.K.S.; Baltzer, M.; Lim Yap, W; Sharma, M.; Long, B; Yadav, S.P; Gopal, R; Bonal B.S.; Kapoor, M.; Roy, S; Paxton, M; Khadka, M; Raj Bhatta, S; Chapagain, D; Chapman, S; Roberts, J; Verma, N; Wangdi, S; Penjor, U; Tandin, T; Dhakal, M; Nath Oli, B; Tenzin, K; Peiqi, L; Bose, J; Anggriawan Widodo, F; Novalina, R; Rayan Darmaraj, M; Roa'a Hagir, Kostyria, A.V. ; Rafhan, H; Shrestha, M; Duangchantrasiri, S; Vinitpornsawan, S; Phoonjampa, R and Boron, V.



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VOL 26.2



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Peer-reviewed journal article

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Protected Areas

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All threats reviewed

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