Freshwater connectivity corridors of the Amazon Basin


Caldas, B

Additional Authors

Thieme, M.L.;Shahbol, N; Eduarda Coelho, M; Grill, G; Van Damme, P; Aranha, R; Collazos, E.E.H; Canas, C; Fagundes, C; Frale, N; Jezequel, C; Montoya, M; Mosquera Guerra, F; Oliveira- da-Costa, M; Paschoalini Frias, M; Petry, P; Oberdorff, T; Trujillo, F; Tedesco, P; Lambert, M.


2021 (under review)

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South America

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Peer-reviewed journal article


Amazon river dolphin, Tucuxi

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Protected Areas

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Dam construction