Review of Scientific Knowledge of the Ganges river dolphin

The scientific gap analysis report produced as part of this project is a detailed review of the current scientific knowledge of Ganges river dolphins, and the identification and prioritisation of the key scientific information gaps.
The report was divided into the following four primary sections that address specific topics: biology and ecology; geographic distribution and abundance; habitat use and prey; impacts of, or response to, human activities. For each topic, a comprehensive literature review was conducted to collate all existing information on the Ganges river dolphin.  Sources from the following formats were compiled and reviewed.

More than 150 references were examined as input to this review.  All of the most important references in each topic were included, and representative examples provided.  Each topic includes a summary of what is known, discussion of the data gaps, and a brief outline of what could be done to fill the gaps if they are important for management and conservation of the species.

A critical takeaway message from the report findings is that, despite some scientific knowledge gaps, there is enough information available right now to implement measures that can address the threats to Ganges river dolphins.