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23 November 2023

Cracking the Code: Understanding Biodiversity Loss and Its Impact on Amazon River Dolphin

By: Assaf Levy, BioDB In the vast expanse of the Amazon rainforest, where the vibrant tapestry of life intertwines with the meandering rivers, a silent crisis unfolds beneath the surface—the dwindling population of Amazon river dolphins. These iconic creatures, also known as pink river dolphins, are not just casualties of a localized environmental issue; their […]

24 October 2023

Global Declaration for River Dolphins

River dolphin country governments in Asia and South America are taking a stand by signing the landmark Global Declaration for River Dolphins.  This hugely significant moment will help save river dolphins by urgently scaling up solutions, such as sustainable fisheries, better managed protected areas, reduced pollution, and ecotourism.  It will also help safeguard the future […]

5 April 2023

No safe Havens for river dolphins – new study launched

Are protected areas that host river dolphins actually protecting these species? Unfortunately not. On 23rd of March 2023,  during the UN Water Conference, WWF launched a global analysis, showing there is much room for improvement. With a quick assessment (‘CA|RDS Lite’), one-third of all river dolphin PA’s was scanned, scoring on average a 52% on […]

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16 February 2022

Goodbye, Lone George